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IP Camera Server with 4 Wireless Cameras


Easily keep your eyes and ears on any part of your home or small business with this IP Camera Server. Paired with 4 Wireless Cameras, this device is the most economical and effective surveillance solution available and can be used anywhere.

This complete home/small business/office surveillance kit set contains:

4 Wireless Cameras: These are 4 high quality, waterproof, wireless CCTV cameras with IR nightvision and made from aircraft grade aluminum. That means these cameras are designed to stand up against snow, dust, rain, and can be used practically anywhere and at any time of day. With this much power, the use of this wireless surveillance combo is limited only by your imagination.

IP Camera Server: Viewing footage from your 4 Wireless Cameras is made easy with the included IP Camera Server. Just connect an ethernet cable and a live video stream of all 4 wireless cameras will be made available on the internet, letting you (and others you allow) view it online at any time and any place!

Complete Package: We wouldn't call it a full set if you have to buy extra parts. With the CVLM-I80, everything (mounting hardware, power cords, ethernet cable) is included so you don't have to buy a thing! Look no further - the most effective, economical, and convenient surveillance system for your home and small business is right here and ready to use as soon as you take it out of the package.

Expecting unwelcome guests? Install a camera over the door and screen visitors before they even knock. Need to prevent theft in your shop? Put a camera in each corner and catch them in the act. Finding it difficult to keep an eye and an ear on all of your employees? With 4 easy to install wireless cameras, motion detection, alarm and email alerts, this Wireless Surveillance Combo with 4 Cameras can provide the wireless surveillance solution you need at a price you can afford.

Tonight, rest easy with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have secured your home or small business without endangering your wallet. Tell your friends you got a great deal on your Wireless Surveillance Combo from the leader in high-quality, low-price electronics: the-electronics-shop.

At a Glance...

  • IP Camera Server with 4 Wireless Cameras
  • Real time live display with audio
  • 24/7 Security with automatic night vision switch
  • Smart video detection: Motion Detecting and alarm settings
  • Network connection with IE browser view
  • Sets a new standard for Wireless Security Camera Kits with high performance at a low wholesale price

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